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Basic Search Engine Optimization Training for SEO Beginners

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Opportunities that you are losing every now and then
Did you realize that if your identity cannot be found on search engines and you fail to enlist your content into database, then you are losing incredible opportunities every single minute? What are you doing about listing your business on the top of search engines?  Learning basic SEO can be a solution to all your complex problems.
Search Engine Optimization is all about making your web site indexed, ranked and viewed by users. Only a strong SEO campaign will heighten your brand visibility and ensure you good returns on investments that you have made

Learning Platform
Remember, getting right SEO training can win thousands of visitor’s attention; where wrong bury your site deep into the search results. At its basic level SEO involves finding ways to enhance site appearance and make it high up in search engines. Understand basic SEO and analyze how it can help your business and services go viral on the internet:

Our basic SEO training program highlights:

  • Learn how search engines find your site?
  • How you can optimize your site?
  • What Is Online Marketing and It’s Parts?
  • Using Search Engine (Advanced)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Off Page SEO & gaining inbound links
  • Know in details what are key performance enhancement tools in your online success
  • Creating Reports
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Basic
  • Google Products & Tools – Basic
  • Know where you stand, check your page rank
  • Learn the right placing, appropriate usage and the amount of keywords
  • Help you create unique, accurate page titles for each of your webpage
  • Learn how you can optimize both on-page and off page content
  • Learn creating  a sitemap and how your pages are indexed in Google
  • Recognize key areas that are hindrance to generate results
  • Find out how you can fuse social media marketing to build up ranking?

Unable to understand complex SEO Jargons
If complex SEO jargons are making your head spin and the outcome came out to be total waste of time, money and treasure then getting basic SEO training can prevent you from such hindrances.

Basic & Combined SEO Courses
We are glad to announce our basic SEO training program in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali & Punjab.  Dive deep into our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) classes and venture towards achieving higher ranking.

Whether you are holding an online business identity of your own or looking after making career in SEO, we have basic training courses tailored to suit all your requirements. For further assistance, register an enquiry with us straightaway!

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